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Titel: Ban van sommige modelbouw kit fabrikanten.
Bericht door: Beagle op september 17, 2015, 12:06:28 pm
Wij onderschrijven de stellingname van “Model ship world”
Zij voeren een ban in voor bepaalde Chinese fabrikanten van modelbouw kits.
Het zijn meestal Chinese bedrijven die kits van gerenommeerde fabrikanten dupliceren en klakkeloos namaken en verdelen.
Dergelijk plagiaat, diefstal of schending van Merk-rechten wensen wi, ook op dit forum, niet te ondersteunen.

Noteer dat vanaf deze datum geen bouwverslag van deze fabricanten zal worden toegelaten op “Beagle scheepsmodelbouw”

Hier de lijst van de gewraakte fabricanten .

Snail Model

JD Model



Unicorn Model


“Many of you may be aware that there are some kit manufacturers that have been banned from Model Ship World.  These are mostly Chinese companies that rip off and duplicate other kits from reputable manufacturers.  We dont want to support such thievery. I have personally been ripped off by ZHL.   They stole my Confederacy plans and actually include it in their kit.  Its an awful kit to boot!!
Please make note that no build logs from these MFGs will be allowed on Model Ship World
And we have allowed some other kits which were original, but made by these same crooked companies to remain....BUT NOT ANY LONGER. I know of two others but after the great crash of 2013 they are now gone.  ..from this point forward.....NO KITS BY THESE MFGs WILL EVER BE ALLOWED ON THIS SITE. Here is the list of crooked ship model MFGs banned from MSW”
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